EWOL exists at the periphery of normality. Where male and female overlap to create an ‘other’. 

Atypical in its use of material, it’s references, its inspirations – EWOL blurs the boundaries of streetwear and high fashion to create wearable art worn by risk-takers, those who relish stares and double takes. 

Drawing inspiration from the juxtaposition of conflicting ideas –  conviction & humour; masculinity & femininity – EWOL is for individuals who identify with EWOL’s movement against the norm, for those who embrace rebellion and eccentricity every day.


There are so many incredible things that we do not see with the naked eye. With so much hate and prejudice in the media, we as the smartest being’s on the planet don’t/ wont/ cant see at the molecular level, that we are all the same.

There is beauty on the skin, in the heart, in the vessels, under the nails, under the sea, in virus’ and cancer cells. This is what I chose to investigate and bring to light, that beauty and fantasy.


Inspired by all things microscopic creating a little piece of fantasy within the realms of the realistic, morphed and mutilated world that we live in. 

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