Designed by Australian stylist Megha Kapoor, MPNT earrings are versatile enough to be worn as single statement pieces or traditional pairs. Pronounced M-Point, the brand’s sculptural offerings are available in rose gold, yellow gold and silver. This reflects a tendency to mix metals, which exists at the core of the brand for Kapoor — who believes that the way we wear jewellery can and should stand as a testament to our personal style.

“I love mixing metals and I personally don’t live by any hard and fast rules,” Kapoor explains. “But when I was at Vogue I learned about a lot of traditional rules around jewellery. I have always found it interesting that the cycles for fashion fluctuate [all the time], but jewellery is a far longer process. I suppose because the investment is usually quite a bit higher.”

What this alludes to is the fact that fine jewellery also carries an essential sense of timelessness — and timeless style with an individual twist, inspiring the wearer to make the pieces their own. To layer up earrings, mix metals and create a personal style signature. 

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