Toxic Sadie’s designer, Erin Thomas, began sewing simple skirts, tank tops and even simple patchwork quilts when she was 10. Instead of using patterns, she was encouraged by her mother to just make it up as she went along. Her mother pointed out, “That way the piece is custom made specifically for the intended owner.” In her early 20’s, Erin began altering about 80% of the clothing and swimwear she bought. “I altered the clothing because it never fit quite right, the swimwear because back then there weren’t a lot of choices in swimwear if you wanted something different, and I have always enjoyed standing out from the crowd,” she explains. Finally, Erin decided to try her skills at designing and sewing her own bikinis.

Her designs were incredibly unique and outside the normal bikini box, using funky color combinations, parts from antique jewelry, and hand beaded embellishments. Friends took notice of her original designs, and she began making suits for them. Soon, friends of friends were asking where to buy the suits, and the demand for them grew quickly, so she decided to turn her creativity and love of fashion into an actual business. She began creating custom swimsuits that quickly garnered a loyal celebrity following and has been seen in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit the last three years. After several years of creating unique and intricately designed custom suits, Erin decided to take the plunge and create a ready-to-wear swim line. Spring forward to 2011: Toxic Sadie Swimwear officially made waves on the scene, mingling bold embellishments and sleek strings on Brazilian cuts and architectural monokinis. Drawing on her degree in Interior Design, Erin is able to create sharp silhouettes with a distinct edge. Her playful prints, convertible straps and signature hardware set the line apart from other brands. Growing up on a farm in Iowa,  many people couldn’t understand Erin’s love for, of all things, swimwear. She has been all over the world and draws inspiration from the colors and textures she encounters on her travels.

The line is created using the highest quality fabrics and hand selected beads and shells from around the world. Because she’s a farm girl, strong and fearless women are also an inspiration behind the luxury swimwear brand. “I enjoy being unique and have the courage to follow through with my instincts, so I knew there had to be other women out there how are just as confident and bold,” Erin says when asked if her line is too sexy or fashion forward. “I have to create what feels right to me. Some people may not understand it at first, but they will eventually.”

Based in Miami Beach, and proudly made in the USA, the line continues to be on the forefront of swim trends year after year.


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